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Converting data streams to revenue streams: #worldclassAI

In a data-rich world where AI is a 'must have', we're a world-class AI spin-out from University College London, one of the premier global centres of computing science academic excellence.


Advertising products

We help advertisers optimise against metrics such as Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV), by finding audiences and engaging with them; and publishers to optimise revenue and yield, by building audiences and monetising them.


User Response Rate Estimation

Advertisers waste money if they reach the wrong audiences. Our world-class Real-time Bidding (RTB) product estimates the probability of a user taking an action that the client specifies, for example clicking, installing, registering, or purchasing. Demand-side Platforms (DSPs) see on average a 30% reduction in customer acquisition costs.


Bidding Optimisation

Paying the right price for an ad impression is paramount, especially when billions of impressions are made every day. We have built the industry’s first bid price optimisation tool which ensures clients pay the right price for the right impression. This is especially powerful when combined with the User Response Rate Estimation tool.

Audience Lookalike Modeling

Marketers are always looking to expand their audience base. We can do this by creating lookalikes based on their current audience profiles. Our machine learning algorithms deliver desktop and mobile audience lookalikes at scale with over 90% accuracy. 


Audience Extensions

We provide publishers with the data science to maximise revenue while giving them the tools to build their own data management platform (DMP) solutions.


Floor Price Optimisation

Maximising yield across ad inventory is the prime aim for online publishers, but it takes into account many complex factors. Our price optimisation product is dynamic, working in real-time to achieve this objective - an industry first.


In a data-rich world where AI is a ‘must have’, we are world-class AI experts who help digital professionals understand user behaviour.

We are a spin-out from a premier global centre of computing science academic excellence, University College London.

Our core team is taken from the top performers in the UCL computer science faculty. We maintain strong links with UCL, as Prof. Jun Wang is Chair Professor of Data Science, and we also sponsor PhDs, hire interns, and conduct joint research with UCL.


Rael Cline
Co-Founder, CEO

Rael holds a Masters in Finance from Cambridge Judge Business School. He co-founded South Africa's third mobile virtual network operator.

Nicole Amirpour

Prof. Jun Wang
Co-Founder, Chief Scientist

Jun is Chair Professor of Computer Science at UCL. He has published over 100 research papers and has over 15 years' experience in industry consultation.

Terry Liu

Victor Malachard
Executive Chairman

Victor is an industry-leading entrepreneur specialising in ad tech and machine learning.

Linda Jenkins

Dr. Shuai Yuan
VP of Data Science

Shuai has a PhD in Computer Science from UCL. He was part of the team which won the first global real-time bidding (RTB) algorithm contest.

Catherine Cho

Allan Brisbane
VP of Engineering

Allan has twenty years experience  in software engineering, across numerous start-ups and high traffic systems.

Fred Scott

Thomas Marks
Senior Developer

Thomas has a first-class MEng in Electronic Engineering and Business, and is Organiser of the Wilmington Web Dev Meetup.

Nicole Howard

Davide Vitelaru
DevOps Engineer

Davide is a software engineer with a passion for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

John Smith

Andreas Gompos
Data Scientist

Andreas has an MSc in Data Science from UCL, and in Chemical Engineering from the University of Athens.


Angus Bankes
Board Member

Angus is a technology entrepreneur.  Recognised as a pioneer in the area of XML, he was one of the driving forces behind the mass adoption of RSS feeds. 


Fangzheng Hu
Data Scientist

Fangzheng has a MSc in Web Science and Big Data Analytics from UCL, and is passionate about applying state-of-the-art machine learning techniques.


Guanyu Tao
Data Scientist

Guanyu has a MRes in Web Science and Big Data Analytics from UCL. He has published three research papers, and has five years of data science work and research experience.


We’re a world-class AI spin-out from a premier global centre of computing science academic excellence, University College London.

In the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) evaluation in 2014, UCL was ranked first place for Computer Science, out of 89 universities assessed, and well ahead of other institutions. 61% of its research work is rated as world-leading (the highest possible category) and 96% of its research work is rated as internationally excellent.

We’re proud of our world-class credentials, consistently presenting our breakthrough research at prestigious international conferences and journals, and winning awards in the process. Below are just some of the white papers produced by our team.

Converting data streams to revenue streams: #worldclassAI

Bidding Algorithm 
Unifying  user response prediction, bid landscape forecasting and bidding strategy to double campaign ROI

Lookalike Modelling 
Using a novel 'doc2vec' model to improve the accuracy of lookalike models

Deep Learning to Estimate User Clicks/Conversions 
Area Under the Curve (AUC) metric to measure click-through rate (CTR) performance

Feedback Control of Real Time Bidding 
Stabilising Effective Cost Per Click (eCPC) while increasing click-through rate (CTR)

Real Time Bidding (RTB) Technical Monograph 
Overview of datasets and research problems

Audience Lookalike Modelling 
5.5% increase in click-through rate (CTR) performance

Optimising Cost per Action (CPA)
Up to 32% ROI for advertisers

Display Advertising Options
Revenue increase of 40% for publishers

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