Founders Time interview with Rael Cline

1 min read, 30 mins video

It's true - if you keep your ear to the ground and your eyes peeled, you'll come across opportunities. Or, in our case, if you watch Hootsuite like a hawk, you'll notice people retweeting you.

In this case, it was Founders Time who caught our eye. Dmitry Rastorguev and Dmitrii Vastianov interview founders of early stage technology start-ups, with a focus on commercialising latest machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. It's an intriguing proposition, and so we got in touch to ask whether they'd like to come round and speak to our co-founder and CEO, Rael Cline.

A week later, they were at MediaGamma HQ, and Rael was able to take them through his thoughts on world-class AI, the challenges and opportunities of running successful AI projects, and how to hire the very best people. Full video below.