Webinar: Activating Custom Optimisation in Programmatic

2 mins read, 50 mins video

Programmatic advertising is the means by which an ad is displayed on your web page or mobile app. Between you clicking a link or tapping your phone, an auction takes place in which advertisers bid to display their ad. This takes place billions of times daily, and it requires incredible technology to work effectively.

At MediaGamma we're taking on the challenge of developing algorithms that make programmatic work as effectively as possible. And it really is a challenge: it requires massive scale, with huge throughput, in near real-time.

This is why we work with leading partners such as Beeswax who also relish tech challenges. They're pioneering the industry's first Bidder-as-a-Service, which enables advertisers to plug in customised elements to their bidding platforms. Through this model, we become that option in the drop-down box where an advertiser chooses which algorithm they want to use. It's an incredibly clean, efficient integration.

This synergy is one reason why we recently jointly took part in a webinar entitled 'Activating Custom Optimisation in Programmatic'. Together, Shamin Samadi, CPO and co-founder of Beeswax, and Rael Cline, our CEO and co-founder, took the audience through how to get started with customised solutions.

Rael's take on it is that really, it's about the underlying data. Brands are already great at capturing data, but making sure that data is clean and usable is not a trivial task. Until you've done that, the data still has untapped value. AI is very data-hungry, but you need to feed it the right data.

Rael also touched on the buy-in necessary to make these projects work. It can take months to establish the ROI on an AI project which, while requiring commitment across an entire organisation, can yield huge returns that make the risk/reward well worth it.

At the other end of the timescale, Rael also took the audience through how important it is to have a means of establishing a quick and quantifiable feedback loop. You need to iterate, iterate, iterate until you can see that a new model - or series of models - is working.  Then you need to tie that to business outcomes so that your models are impacting the bottom line.

Finally, Rael also talked about the choices available to advertisers, whether to develop in-house or outsource with a partner. We can do either: just get in touch to find out how. In the meantime, take a look at the rest of the webinar to see how else you can benefit from customising your approach to programmatic advertising.